Seeing Mount Rainier

Yesterday was mostly sunny and clear. Snow-covered Mount Baker loomed in the distance as we rode our bikes to the best viewpoint over the Strait of Juan de Fuca to eat our sandwiches. A Bald Eagle even flew by while we were enjoying the view. Later, whizzing down the bike path to the marina, I caught a glimpse of Mount Rainier through some haze, and thought about how magnificent it is. Since it's often covered in clouds, locals talk about Mount Rainier being "out" when it's visible. I love that. Today Mount Rainier was "out" at dusk, reflecting the last rays of the sun. It really is my favorite mountain, although I haven't yet been very close to it. In August I hope to do a day hike on Mount Rainier to view it up close and to see the wildflowers growing on its slopes. Until then, riding my bike with views of the snowy Olympic Mountains and the Cascades is invigorating and inspiring. And catching a glimpse of Mount Rainier makes my day.

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