A Creature Needing a More Dignified Name

Walking along the beach at low tide, I found several amazing red jellyfish sprinkled along the sand. The Sea Blubber is a very common jellyfish in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. There are so many unusual sea animals living underwater here, some huge ones like Sea Blubber, which can grow up to seven feet, and also the world's biggest octopus. This Sea Blubber had a diameter of only 16 inches, and it was the largest one I've seen. Sea Blubber have long tentacles with stinging cells, and I like knowing they shelter small fish. I wish they had a better name that reflected the intricacy of their unusual structure and the beauty of their deep garnet color. Perhaps the Sea Geranium, Sea Rhododendron, Sea Ruby? Apparently Sea Blubbers approach the shore when they are ready to die. I don't know if all jellyfish do that. When my son was little, whenever we found jellyfish on the beach we would carefully toss them all back into the ocean to help them survive, calling ourselves the Jellyfish Rescue Squad. This Sea Blubber was well past rescue, yet still amazing to discover on a beach walk.


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