Last Ride in Vietnam

We rode from Hue to Ho Chi Minh City, and our magical 15-day bicycle tour of Vietnam sadly came to an end. (Fortunately we have two more days in Hanoi!) We climbed hills of dense rain forest, passed hundreds of small villages, and wove through crazy urban traffic. Along the way we encountered gentle cows like these, placid water buffalo... except for two bulls I saw charging each other, sleepy dogs, isolated herds of goats, and once, working elephants that we got to ride. I saw cashews, rubber, star fruit, and dragon fruit growing for the first time. My heart is fuller from all the families who waved from their porches, the children who shouted hello, the passing motor scooter riders who smiled and called words of encouragement to make it up the hills. My head is spinning from all the images of hard work and progress in this country, including the women plunging their hands into deep water to plant rice, the men hand watering crops of vegetables, the old women sitting by the side of the road selling a small pile of fruit. My life is enriched from this magical trip.

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