Eggs on the Beach

Stones shaped like eggs roll up onto the beaches of the Puget Sound. How are they formed? All the granite washed down from Canada, and somehow the tidal motion of the waves against the rocks tosses up these smooth shapes that sometimes look like real eggs. When wet, they shine and display many pastel colors. Yesterday I walked along a beach beside a cliff embedded with layers of thousands of smooth stones, so it has been going on for a long time around here. I’ve gathered eggs for my god-daughter’s baby, who likes to cook with them. It works out well for the two of us, because I like to find them. There is a zen to walking along the beach, searching for the perfect egg. Not the elongated, rough, or misshapen ones, just the perfect ones. No, it’s not being a perfectionist, it’s being a lover of the Puget Sound. Happy Passover, Easter, and springtime to all!

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