A Sit Spot at North Beach

Now that I’m taking a Natural History course, all the students have a Sit Spot where we sit several times a week to observe, using all our senses. Later we process our experience by writing about what we noticed. My Sit Spot is at North Beach, in a bit of a cove against the low cliffs. In all my walks along that beach, I’d never sat before. I love to take the time to silently notice the changes in the sand, stones, and seaweed brought up by the highest tides, to listen to the waves, to inhale the fragrance of the mist and the kelp. Many days I see gulls, crows, diving ducks, Oystercatchers, Barn Swallows, and once a Bald Eagle. The people are the most entertaining to watch, as they engage in every activity under the sun... walking dogs, gathering seaweed, stones, or sea glass, staging fashion photos, sunning, kite surfing, panning for gold, and once taking a horse for a swim. I spoke with the rider afterwards who said it was the first time she’d attempted that, and her proud smile was enormous.

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