A Rhinoceros Auklet

I adore the Rhinoceros Auklet. What a perfect name for a lovely sea bird that grows a white horn when in breeding plumage! I'm rather disappointed with the dull names of most American birds. Australians displayed far more creativity and enthusiasm when naming their Splendid Fairy-wren and Gang-gang Cockatoo. Most American birds were dutifully named for their appearance, such as the Yellow Warbler and the Long-tailed Duck, and some for their habitat, including the Cliff Swallow and the Swamp Sparrow. The ranges of the California Quail and the Western Bluebird are noted in their names. Some birds honor the explorers who first "discovered" them, such as the Steller's Jay and Steller's Eider, named for German naturalist Georg Steller who found them in Alaska in 1741. When I saw three Rhinoceros Auklets diving for fish off the end of a pier and pointed them out to some tourists, I noticed their faces light up when they heard the name.


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