Octopus News

The world's largest Great Pacific Octopus has been in the news lately. First a friend went to check his crab pots here in Port Townsend and pulled up a 30-pound octopus! Fortunately he called the Marine Science Center, and they released the octopus back into the Puget Sound. A few days later in Seattle a diver legally lured, caught and killed a 40-pound octopus, and when confronted by another diver, he just hauled it off in his truck. As a result, there's talk about expanding its protected areas. Then when I volunteered at the Marine Science Center, I got to clean the aquarium where this cool female octopus lives. She likes showing off her legs, curling them up, and unfurling them as she cavorts about her tank. Did you know each leg contains part of the octopus's brain?

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