I went walking along a pristine beach of the Puget Sound, and after the storms and high tides, it wasn't very pristine at all. Some of the styrofoam pellets were too small to pick up, so I just gathered all the plastic paraphernalia I could carry and recycled the little that could be. The other night I heard a woman speak about reducing plastic and one of the saddest things she said was there isn't just the one gyre of plastics in the Pacific we've heard about that's the size of Texas, there are now FIVE gyres around the world.



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    Helô (Friday, 23 November 2012)

    This is very sad and disturbing. The amount of garbage we produce is absurd.

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    Beth Terry (Friday, 23 November 2012 19:47)

    I wish I had the opportunity to stay longer and walk along the beach there too. It poured down rain until I left, so I never saw this. Very sad, but this is how most of the world's beaches are looking these days.